Our Vision

Nobby Tech. Ltd. was established in 1998 as a group of professionals specializing in measuring high-speed phenomena. Since then, we have continuously endeavored to provide products and services with “customer satisfaction” in mind.
For the last 15 years, while centering on import of cutting-edge electronics, Nobby Tech. Ltd. has been expanding its business by offering a wide range of products focused on high-speed phenomena, including high-speed cameras, Doppler radars, super-slow cameras for the broadcasting industry and Nobby Tech’s 3-D real-time motion measurement system based on motion capture technology. In 2010, the Company established PixelGate Ltd., which specializes in software development and enhances our development capability to quickly respond to the needs of our customers. We aim not only to sell products but also to obtain and provide the data customers need. Through cutting edge measurement instruments and measurement technology, a wealth of experience and knowledge as well as an excellent support system, Nobby Tech continuously strives to expand its opportunities in a wide variety of areas. These areas range from mechatronics to biomechanics, including those in sophisticated research and development institutions, the manufacturing industry that is the root of monozukuri (making things), the aerospace and defense sector, medical sector, and entertainment sector that includes media outlets such as television and commercials.
In addition, aiming to provide quality products and services, Nobby Tech has an emphasis on development of human resources who engage in our business operations. We are committed to learn professional expertise and advanced technology that ensure to provide services which satisfy our customers. We will continue to be a company where every employee sets a vision, works with enthusiasm, consistently achieves their own goals and thereby provides the customers with new values.

Corporate philosophy

  • ● We support cutting-edge research and development by regarding measurement technology as the basis for contributing to the society.
  • ● We develop a pleasant place to work for all employees and an environment to improve their abilities aiming to become a company regarded as “excellent company.”


We practice professionalism and logical behavior for greater customer satisfaction.

Five codes of conduct for employees

  • 1. We continue to challenge new measurement technology and provide our customers with such technology.
  • 2. We provide our customers with our own skills and problem-solving abilities without relying on product appeal.
  • 3. We face difficulty and keep challenging ourselves.
  • 4. We do not wait to be given tasks; we proactively find and accomplish for ourselves.
  • 5. We act as good citizens, comply with laws, and develop a sense of a leading business person.